Every so often the best game is no game.

Every so often the best game is no game.

CANCELLED in red stamp letters over the moody Gloomwrought title.

Two players were on the Zoom call but were sick. One had to bow out because family was in town. I had a rough night where I couldn’t sleep and when I did sleep I dreamed that I wasn’t sleeping well enough.

The energy was low and despite the fact that this is the third session we’re missing, our overall attendance is so good that it won’t muss up our overall inertia.

We were saved from the hangout becoming a communal primal scream of pain and frustration at the state of the world when one of the players said something positive in her life and we went around the table, saying something good in our lives.

Even with online games sometimes you have to step away, chat and catch-up. Sometimes folks are just too exhausted to game and so we get to learn about the cover-band, solid physical therapy, library conference, successful dental work, fixed pool filter and/or t-shirt sale that are keeping our friends going.

When we start the next session, we’ll be at a good starting point – with the Sigil 6 having climbed down a dry well into the Barovian Sabbat’s treasure vault. Somewhere they can hear the voice of Rahadin, Strahd’s Red Right Hand who got away from the group with 2 hit points during one of the final battles. It is a good place to hit the PAUSE button because it is such a fun place to hit PLAY.

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