Dreamation, The Hare & Hound, Friends

It was good to see the posse again. Friends are becoming good friends, acquaintances are becoming friends, strangers are becoming friendly acquaintances, blog titles are getting faces. Gaming rocks.

I ran four games and played in several others but there’s one game that is mostly on my mind tonight and that is Primetime Adventures: The Hare & Hound.

Saturday was the day of most intensely draining gaming that I have ever done. You know you are in deep shit when Polaris is your most upbeat game of the day. Even Dictionary of Mu, summoning blood-sucking computers that wish for the end of the world and skulls broken with a jagged demonic rock were less intense.

Mu is working well. I ran it twice and the damned thing purrs.

BSG: Thoughts

Janaki and I have been devouring the new Battlestar Galactica at an alarming rate. I think it is now my favorite science fiction TV show ever. As a matter fo fact, I can’t think of anything that comes close.

A few issues:

The helmets in the old show are the only thing that was cooler.

Why are all black people on the show so spiritual? If for whatever reason, black folks tend to live on the one colony…can’t remember the name…where they take the scriptures as the true word, then that make some kind of sense. But it is still a decision that makes my hackles rise.

It says in the show’s opening that the Cylons have a plan. They’d better damn well have an effing play. Seriously. This better be going somewhere.

I think that’s it.

My Favorite Batgirls (of the first 300)

Apparently a meme went around the internet wherein artists drew Batgirl and posted it on their LJ. Yeah, I scrolled through the first 300.

Here are my 14 favs in no particular order:





Five, hm, maybe my favorite.

Six, great eyes…

Seven, cool perspective shot.

Eight, cool hoody.


Ten, reminds me of Mignola

Eleven, cute

Twelve, shades of Quitely

Thirteen, the best of the anime lot

Fourteen, bonus points for boots

I essentially looked at them thinking about if I’d like to hire them to do work on a gaming project or not.

Only a hundred or so to go. If I find more to add to the list, I’ll post again.

Rockin’ the Mic

Jeff and I got together this afternoon and recorded two sessions of the Sons of Kryos back to back. Jeff says that our interview with Malcom will be up tonight some time, when it is I will post a link here.

That is three shows comin’ atcha in the next month or so.

It felt really good to be back in front of the microphone, chatting with Jeff again. There was a real homecoming vibe to it.

Revolutionary Birthday and more

The day before yesterday was Janaki’s birthday. This consisted of cramming as many of our friends as was comfortable into our apartment, having a few drinks, talkin’ shit and playing Dance Dance Revolution. I was shocked at how much fun I had playing that game. We ended up playing with a core group of folks until 4 in the morning, which led to a groggy rough day at work.

Prince Valiant came in the mail yesterday and I think that is the game I wanted instead of Pendragon. It looks like P.V. is way more up my alley, far less info on medieval hooey and far more cool art panels and ideas for player input. I’ve only browsed either of the games but I’ll compare and contrast ’em when I can.

This Sunday Jeff and I are meeting to record our first Sons of Kryos of the New Year and put the finishing touches on an interview from 2005.

Next week is Dreamation.

Next week is also school again.

White Snow on Red Dunes

Its fairy tale snow out there, all pretty and fluffy. Until I have to drive in it, then its all Baby Yaga riding a mortal a pestle while cackling and throwing curses down at my Honda CRV.

One of the players from my GYGO-a-thon run of The Dictionary of Mu is putting together a game from a playtest copy I sent him. Bob absolutely rocked the role of the Witch-King of Stygia and I can’t wait to see an AP post about someone else running a setting I wrote. That makes me positively giddy.