It is Monday morning. Do you know where your polyhedral dice are?

Then find your dice bag and join us.

The 4th Get Your Geek On-a-thon is at hand. This quarterly gaming event will be October 15th, at Autumn Leaves/Odyssey Games from noon sharp until 8 at the latest.

Spots have been filling up fast for our games. Register now to insure that you get a seat at a table. You can register in one of two ways: on-line and at
Odyssey Games.

Registering on-line entails going to the URL link in the descriptions of the games. The link will send you to the Get Your Geek On-a-thon forum at There are clip boards for people to sign in by hand at Odyssey Games.

Click here to see our menu of games.

G.Y.G.O.-a-thon 4

The 4th Get Your Geek On-a-thon is upon us. This quarterly gaming event will be October 15th, at Autumn Leaves/Odyssey Games from noon sharp until 8 at the latest.

We have three games on-line at the moment and we are getting a fourth ready to roll.

Below are descriptions of the games being offered. You can register on-line by clicking on the links below each game’s title and posting your interest in that game’s thread or you can go to Odyssey Games and sign-in by hand.

Seating is limited, please pre-register if you plan on attending. We cannot promise you a seat at any table if you do not pre-register. If you have any questions or problems, please e-mail me directly.

The Old Lady’s Cats
System: Cat
GM: Jeff Lower
Open Slots: 5

They took the old lady who fed you away and now you are on your own in mythic suburbia. You are cats, charged with protecting the weak from boggins with clawed combat and tail magic at your disposal. Will you go find your caretaker or carve out a new niche in the neighborhood?

Players are encouraged to play cats they own or know. Character creation is quick and easy and will be done before play begins.

The Jihad Has Come and Our House Must Decide
System: Burning Wheel
GM: Judd Karlman
Open Slots: 6-12? (If I get enough players I could
have players take both sides of the conflict)

From the text of the setting: This is a work of loving homage and a dark nod to contemporary politics.

The Salt allows interstellar travel, without it, the civilizated galaxy would fall into a brutal dark age, each planet isolated in the void.

The Jihad has begun. The Emperor has abdicated his throne, married his daughter to the Duke of Jihadis, from which all Salt comes. And the Duke has declared
himself God Emperor. His zealots are covering planets with blood. Reports speak of hideous defeats for the planets who oppose him.

Your own house is on the edge of the Houses Minor and with the marriages you were due to make in the coming year into the former Emperor’s family, House Major status would have been conferred after only a few births and a few business contracts.

Now all is lost for your house unless you can find a path during these bloody times. The Jihadim are sending a battallion of soldiers with their own Reverend Mother, a desert witch.

Will your house go rogue and refuse the Jihadim entry? Will you give up your holdings and flee into the far system with the outcasts and wanderers, even when you were so close to gaining House Major status?

Join the resistance and fight the Jihadim? Bow before the God-Emperor’s fanatics and witches in order to gain some scraps at his table?

The Jihad has come and it is time to make your decisions.

The Wyndigo Scourge
System: d20 Modern/Urban Arcana
GM: John Ginsberg-Stevens
Open Slots: 6

It is now 2004, and the Presidential Election in the US is just two months away. A mild summer has suddenly given way to a freakish autumn of ice storms,
tornados, and tectonic spikes. Each of the three candidates has promised to do something about this: Cornelius Vert, the founder of the Gaia Party, promises to “restore the natural balance;” Selby Bloom, scion of a great family of blue-blooded wizards, runs for the National Party promising to harness this wild new energy for a “stronger, bolder America;’ Robert Smithson, a career politician, runs for the America for All party and assures voters that his party will create “an America where such extremes will be eliminated, and all will live in peace.” Most mystics agree that this weather is a sign of abnormal magical energies, but cannot divine the source of it.

The players are all operatives for Etcetera Services, one of the leading mystical investigation companies in the US. They have been hired by the Gaia
Party to find out what the source of this imbalance is, and try to correct it. Cornelius Vert claims to have evidence of who is behind this insanity, and the
players must figure out what’s going on, and how to stop it. . . .

On Saturday they gamed and it was good.

It was the third Get Your Geek On-a-thon today. It was an all-time low attendance with two tables of four absolutely blank. Rather frustrating but I told everyone that if we manage to pack one table with gamers, I’ll continue to put it together.

I don’t understand why local gamers don’t attend.

The game I ran went really well. I think the Dictionary of Mu is going to be a splendid mini-supplement.

Actual Play reports at the Forge and at

I got to meet Bob and Brett from Oswego and show them around Ithaca after our game was over. We walked around with Kolja and did a little downtown walking waterfall town while talking shit about gaming and such. Good times.

I thought they were from Owego, which is pretty close but they trekked over from Oswego, which is way north of here. I was honored at their attendance.

Tomorrow, it is Burning Wheel, finishing up the King in Gray scenario with the weekly group.

Next Saturday is Conspiracy of Shadows via 7th Sea pirates with the monthly group.

Lotsa summer gaming to be had.