Friday night’s alright for fighting…

Last night we had another playtest session of Houses of the Blooded. I wanted to just get Jeff rolling dice, as he had just made up his character. So I glanced at his character sheet and concocted a conflict where his PC’s father, an old grizzled warrior asked his courtly son to embarass an up-and-coming warrior so that he wouldn’t have to fight him this year.

And then it just blew up.

Jeff got the up-and-comer to draw steel and accidentally hurt a child.

Storn’s aspect concerning children being harmed in his presence went off like a loaded gun.

Tussle in the balcony seating at the opera.

Death of the up-and-comer as he is tossed from the balcony.

Politicking. A duel from the bereaved wife. An ambitious younger brother serving as the wife’s second in the duel. A wounded child (and what will his heartless sorcerer of a father do when he hears of this?). Turn’s out Jeff’s PC’s father was in an illicit affair with the now widowed wife.

The wife demands a duel from Storn’s PC. She has a grievance. The ven word for grievance roughly translates as: Insult that can only be washed away with blood.

The Marquessa who owns the opera house: “You walk into my opera house, break the balcony railing, kill a guest and interupt the opera…and it is that last one that vexes me most.”

All from one off-the-cuff conflict. I love when a few pebbles turn into an avalanch.

Next week’s the duel.

Any gaming going on out there this weekend before the turkey madness takes hold?

This post is entirely to make up for me not being able to attend Jiffy-con and being filled with Jiffy-envy.