Into the Odd Quick Adventure Inspirational Tables

Into the Odd Quick Adventure Inspirational Tables

I’m running a twice a month game of Into the Odd with some friends. We’re about to have our second session and I’m fairly sure I know what the next few delves will be. After a while, once we have some context about our place in Bastion and our delves’ places in the Underground and the Deep Country’s orbit around all this mess, the players will likely start initiating ideas for delves.

But what if an adventure goes faster than I had anticipated or I want a fast idea?

If so, I’ve got the tables in the Oddpendium and I’ve got these.

Inspired by Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland and the playtest doc for Mythic Bastionland

Underground Faction
1 Rust Consortium
2 Star Cult
3 Ancient Council
4 Star Refugee
5 Lost Delvers
6 Mutant Beasts
Deep Country Faction
1 Secret Arcane Society
2 Rebellious Village Youth
3 Anti-Bastionists
4 Star Hunters
5 Irate Village Elders
6 Country Beast-God
Bastion Faction
1 Academics
2 Union Workers
3 The Young and the Hip
4 Revolutionaries
5 Urban Wildlife
6 Civic Officials

Daydreaming about Hex Flowers a bit too. Next time.

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All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought: Encounters, Factions & a Map

All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought: Encounters, Factions & a Map

Sigil 6ers! Spoilers be ahead!

Maybe don’t read this one for a couple of weeks.

If you do *shrug* not the end of all worlds..

All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought
Encounters, Factions & a Map

As the Sigil Six ended the Curse of Strahd, they decided to take the long way home. Or as Trundle said, “We’ve done enough work for the Lady of Pain; let’s walk through the Planes a while and take our time getting back to Sigil.”

The city of Gloomwrought came up a few times when the players discussed and researched ways out of Ravenloft. Trundle, the party’s Dwarven Ranger, became a Mistwalker while in the Amber Tomb, so off they go into the Mists, hoping to navigate their way through them and through the Shadowfell, to the City of Midnight.

I purchased the old 4e Gloomwrought supplement, made up a 2d6 + d6 encounter table and even drew up a map of a valley where 3 human siblings settled into the Shadowfell, hoping to bring their light religion to these shadowed lands. SPOILER: It didn’t go well for them.

It is going to take them a little while to get to Gloomwrought, more fleshing out that city and making it our own in another blog post, very much inspired by Blades in the Dark. For now, I’m thinking about the trip through the Shadowfell. I’ve got an Inspirational Encounter Table, the Ygoni Valley Map, and my Shadowfell Factions d6 Table. More on all of those below.

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Inspirational Encounter Table

Inspired by this blog post, I always put a Dragon at 12 and something cool at 2, usually a Wizard but in this case, thinking of a post-Ravenloft Shadowfell vibe, I made an exception. Yup, Lord Soth could show up, the Knight of the Black Rose himself. The encounter is inspired by my favorite pic of the legendary Death Knight, Lord Soth’s Charge by Keith Parkinson.

2d6 + d6 Shadowfell Encounters

Wrote this up while daydreaming, looking through monster manuals, the Gloomwrought supplement and the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Sometimes I’ll roll and see what fate brings and other times I’ll pick, like from a menu. These aren’t necessarily fights. The players will decide how they deal with them and I’ve made it very clear that they are not balanced in any way, shape or form.

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Ygoni Valley Map

Looking through some D&D books, I ran across the Skull Lord and so came up with an idea for 3 sibling knights trying to settle a valley in the Shadowfell but becoming such a creature. The ruins in the Barrow Hills could be anything but I’m thinking that they’ll be a Hobgoblin Warlord’s tomb, where they were ritually killed when their mission to establish a fortress/beach-head for the Hobgoblin Imperial Army failed.

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Shadowfell Factions d6 Table

d6 Shadowfell Factions 1 Raven Queen / 2 Orcus / 3 Minor Death / 4 Ravenloft Trinity / 5 The Ghoul King / 6 Raven Queen Heretics

Maybe I just need to know something fast, like who made a magic item or who left an ancient road marker or who is behind some evil shenanigans. I’ve got a table for that now. Minor Death will just mean some minor aspect of death or an obscure death deity. Raven Queen Heretics are those who follow extreme readings on her edicts. The takeaway – everything in the Shadowfell breaks down and is twisted into an undead shape eventually – even the philosophy of its death queens.

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