Aboraz, the Striding Skull, The Tomb that Walks

Aboraz, the Striding Skull, The Tomb that Walks

Aboraz was once a fairly run-of-the-mill demilich, moldering in a tomb while their spite-filled consciousness traversed the Far Realms, looking for power through a greater understanding of corners of the planes mortal minds rarely perceive. When a powerful party of adventurers looted their lair and nearly destroyed them, Aboraz was left exposed and irate.

The desperate demilich petitioned the Lich Congress but due to petty rivalries they received very little support from their undead colleagues in the Shadowfell. Using what little resources they had left, Aboraz crafted an iron golem, custom made to carry their skull. One would think that Aboraz would command the golem to walk them to a remote location so they could continue dream-traversing through cthonic planes but they did not. Believing that the adventurers learned of Aboraz’s tomb’s location from a jealous lich, Aboraz began walking across the Outlands, taking what treasure they could until finally becoming a feared bounty hunter.

A rusty iron golem with a demilich's skull in the torso. 

Aboraz, the Striding Skull, the Tomb that Walks
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Aboraz takes special and hateful glee in hunting adventurers who have angered evil powers with the money to pay. They most often wait until their prey has been through a battle, scrying on them to learn of their tactics and weapons before ambushing them before they can rest. Once the Striding Skull has accrued the resources to build a new trap-filled tomb they plan on getting revenge against the lich who led the adventurers to their lair and forced them into what they see as a humiliating detour into an undignified vocation. The unique demilich will never admit that they have actually enjoyed their time as a bounty hunter, hunting heroes for coin, living by their powers and wits.

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The image of Aboraz was made with Midjourney and then I took several images and used Affinity Photo to edit them together.

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