Many Places, Always Good

Blink Dog(s) rampant – Many Places, Always Good

House Thomas, bitter rivals of House Trampier, are known for trickery in the ancient forests they call their home. Known for their stubborn loyalty and cunning on the battlefield, this noble house of homads has taken the Blink Dog as their heraldry and are known to welcome them in their homes as cherished four-legged members of their clan and house.

Thanks to Jim for the house words.

For Our Enemies – Fear and Confusion

House Trampier, that has the Displacer Beast upon its banner, is a house of rogues, thieves and assassins. Known for their mercantile contracts with a Drow matron of the Underdark, from which their heraldry was inspired.

It looks nice with a black background too.

(Thank you, Jim and Janaki for suggestions and critique)