Quick and Ugly Troika Setting Hack

Quick and Ugly Troika Setting Hack

Maybe you’ve got Troika but the setting as presented in the d66 Background Table isn’t doing it for you (I adore it but to each their own) but you want to see the Initiative Stack in action or think the way characters learn skills is keen (it is). Okay, I’ve got you covered.

Roll your 3 stats: 1d3+3 for Skill, 2d6+12 for Stamina, 1d6+6 for Luck.

Troika has a solid list of baseline possessions if you’d like but don’t worry about that. Let’s talk about populating the setting, which is to say, populating your own d66 Background Table.

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Using Pathfinder Iconics

Drop your 36 favorite Pathfinder Iconics into each slot. Read the iconic’s entry in the Pathfinder wiki that you rolled up or don’t read anything just riff off of the class name and the cool Wayne Reynolds art or don’t even read the class name and just riff off of the Wayne Reynolds art.

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Using Whatever You Remember From D&D

Name D&D NPC’s from settings or old campaigns or novels and/or name settings and exciting vocations.

Asteroid Stranded Spelljammer Sailor.

Dark Sun Gladiator.

Sword Coast Caravan Guard.


Greyhawk Arch-Mage.

Sigil Crimelord.

Escaped Soul from Acheron.

Cultist from Temple of Elemental Evil.

That One NPC you Remember from Homlett.

Your Favorite NPC from the Keep on the Borderlands.

Strahd’s Vampire Spawn.

Vecna’s Apprentice.

That Lady with the 80’s Hair Throwing Lightning on the Spellfire Cover.

The dinosaur-looking lizard guy from the cover of Curse of the Azure bonds with the cool sword-axe-thing.


P.S. Now you only need 22 more.

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Fantasy Word Vomit Way

Name strange fantasy shit with your friends until you get to 36 total. Order of the Sun Holy Knight, Broken Moon Lycanthrope, Witch from the Edge of the First City, Talking Wolf, etc. Bonus points for naming places or saying something about the world through the title.

If you want to get fancy, give everyone index cards so folks can also write up Advanced Skills and Possessions for each of the 36 entries. If not, whoever rolls the entry up, they make it up on their own.

d66 tables in 2 columns

After each player has rolled up a concept (or, let’s be real, picked their favorite)…

Stat them up, 10 points in total Advanced Skills (what Troika calls skills because Skills is already a stat) and whatever equipment makes sense. Spells are also Advanced Skills. Name the spells you’ve got and come up with a 2 sentence description of the spells you have.

Make your own d66 table or print out the table above.

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Lich Collection

Choosing Pathfinder Iconics to Save Worlds

The worlds are ending, shriveling up and dying like leaves in autumn, succumbing to some unknowable Doom. Perhaps this is just the natural way of things.

You have been chosen by a seed, a place/force/entity, that exists outside of time and space, floating like pollen through the planes. The seed will grow as you bring back pieces of doomed worlds. Right now it can provide about a small hunting cottage’s worth of space but it will grow with you. It will feed you along the way.

You can only take 3 from the list below with you to this safe haven between worlds. You and your party will traverse the worlds, saving whatever you can from the doom and slowly building something new.

Who do you bring with you (and why)?
NOTE: Correct answers will be due to your choices looking cool, your choice’s imagined skills blending well, your choice’s imagined back-stories blending well, your choice’s Pathfinder class balance being in sync, your choice’s published backstory complimenting each other, etc.

Hakon the Skald

Quinn the Investigator

Jirelle the Swashbuckler

Imrijka the Inquisitor

Feya the Witch

Reiko the Ninja

Ooloch the Warpriest


Balazar the Summoner


Enora the Arcanist


Crowe the Bloodrager

Lirianne the Gunslinger

Hayato the Samurai

Damiel the Alchemist

Alain the Cavalier

Alahara the Oracle

Seltyiel the Fighter/Wizard

Lini the Druid

Amiri the Barbarian

Sajan the Monk

Lem the Bard

Seelah the Paladin

Harsk the Ranger

Ezren the Wizard

Kyra the Cleric

Merisiel the Rogue

Adowyn the Huntress

Shardra Getl the Shaman

Zadim the Slayer

Kess the Brawler

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