Dragon-rider, Choose Your Dragon!

Gygaxian: These are ancient dragons that can live for centuries, only becoming full grown when they are well over a thousand years old. They are intelligent, use magic and will mate with damn near anything that moves, breeding half-dragon children all around their lairs. They gather treasures around them in great quantities and often choose their morality, climate and religion based on their breed. Gygaxian dragons can change shape and possess breath weapons based on their breed. These dragons are said to be strongly linked to the foundations of magic.

Inspirations: D&D (the second D)

  • Choose breed: Red, Blue, Green, White, Black, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper
  • Where is your dragon’s lair? What guards it while it is away and why doesn’t it trust the guardians it left?
  • Choose 3 spells your dragon can cast once a day: Charm Person, Web, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Read Languages
  • Does your dragon worship the Platinum Emperor, Paladin-Lord of Justice or the Chromatic Queen, Demon-Lady with Five Heads?

Pernese: Some monsterists say these are not dragons at all but merely specially bred fire-lizards. These dragons’ riders disagree, sometimes not so politely. These dragons form a powerful bond with their riders and have other psionic abilities, including gaining access to a quasi-dimensional space, flight-enhancing telekineses and weak telepathy. Their fire-breathing is done through the digestion of firestone that causes an alchemical reaction in their second stomach.

  • Choose a mutation: Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue or Green
  • Name a socially awkward emotion of yours that your dragon picks up on due to your bond.
  • Choose 1 of 3: plenty of firestone, plenty of food, plenty of money

Inspiration: Dragon-Riders of Pern

Olde Valyrian: These dragons were bred  to serve the ruling class of a fallen empire and give its freeholds military superiority. Their civilization has fallen, making their draconic breeding pool shallow and their training protocols misguided. These dragons can live centuries, growing to tremendous sizes and breath fire at temperatures that can melt metal and cook knights in their armor.

Inspiration: Song of Ice and Fire

  • Is your dragon so large that it can fit a warhorse in its jaws and blots out the sun or is it smaller and more maneuverable?
  • Has your dragon been left wild and stubborn or beaten and frightened by its ignorant trainers?
  • Choose One: Dragon Prince, Dragon Princess, Dragon Knight, Lucky Vassal