Snow Bright Friday

Reading: I am re-reading the Mouse Guard RPG and trying to figure out where I put The Player of Games down.  I have a feeling it is in my car, a black hole in my organizational life.

Planning: This weekend is my first in a long time when I have no schoolwork do and no plans that involve traveling.  Playing MG on Saturday after work and other than that, not much.  I will get some cleaning done so that my house isn’t a disaster for the holidays.  My room and the kitchen are in my sights.

Wearing: Flannel shirt and a pair of jeans over my comfy union suit.

Writing: Trying to figure out the holes in a short story and when that stalls, writing parts of something much bigger.

And you?

Talked to Rich About Burning Wheel and then it was Friday

I just talked with Rich for 40 minutes about Burning Wheel.  Canon Puncture has a new segment called Game Advocates.  It was nice to just talk about the game I have played most in the past four or five years and probably my favorite game just on its own for a while, not in the context of any other kind of gaming thoughts.

Reading: I am still reading A Player of Games, though it was taking a while amidst finishing up for school.

Planning: This weekend I have a paper to knock out but Friday night is Diaspora and Saturday night there are some sweet UFC fights on Spike.  As usually lately, I will be over to see Pete and Kalista a whole lot, which is awesome.  Sunday will be brunch with Bret, might go try out Wildfire, as it has a gluten-free menu.

Wearing: Sweatpants and a t-shirt.  The t-shirt is one of two that makes me feel huge and muscle-y.

Writing:  I haven’t been tinkering with much this week, just other stuff going on but I hope to get back to the top three google docs on my list before too long.

Got an early start this Friday

Reading: The Player of Games came across the desk at the library and I threw down everything to pick it up.  It has grabbed me.

Planning: Tonight is game night, first session of Diaspora and Saturday’s UFC and some hard cider at Jeff’s place.  After that, I’ll be getting the house clean for Thanksgiving.

Wearing: Comfy button-down and jeans.

Writing: I have a file on my google docs called Write a Little Every Day and I’ve been hitting the stories there every day.

And you?

When I woke up Friday was over.

Reading: Reading The Hunter by Richard Stark in between school stuff. It is hard stuff with a totally unlikeable anti-hero. The prose is really nice and minimal, a fast read, like a gut-punch is a fast act. I’m digging it. It is a solid inspiration for Rifkin’s MoBu City though Rifkin is likeable and respects women. I will likely loan it to Pete once I am done.

Planning: Last night my lady-friend and I went to see Ani DiFranco in concert. It was an awesome show. The rest of the weekend will be about a paper due on Sunday.

Wearing: Jeans and a flannel shirt. Rockin’ it like its 1992.

Writing: Tinkering with an old short story that seems to want to grow up and be a novella some day. Also a jargon blog post for next week called GM Guilt Syndrome.

And you?

Suddenly, out of nowhere…FRIDAY!

Reading: I am trudging through another Iain M. Banks novel, this time it is Against a Dark Background and finishing up the last bits of Diaspora before I do a pre-play re-read.

Looking forward to stepping away from the sci-fi for a while and reading a few of Parker’s Hunter novels.

Planning: Maybe some gaming tonight, hanging out with Janaki’s family and a slew of school work that is coming up fast.

Wearing: Jeans and a new button down flannel thing along with my comfy union suit that will be keeping me warm through the winter.

Writing:  Yes, I am, feels good and I am almost at that point where I can show it to someone and get feedback.


The clocktower tolled 12 times and it was Friday

Reading: I am still making my way through Diaspora. I hope to set up a blog post where me and a few buddies make up a cluster in public.

Inspired by the hard sci-fi RPG, I’m reading my first novel in the Culture series by Ian M. Banks, Use of Weapons. It is splendid, really neat stuff.

Planning: Off to see the ladyfriend this weekend, barring flat tires and catastrophe.

Wearing: Button down short sleeves and jeans.

Writing: Banged on a paper that should have taken me a few hours and just ended up taking a whole lot longer. Some day I’ll start writing early.

And you?