Reading, Planning, Writing: Dry, Scratchy, Pollen Friday

Reading: I’m reading A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall and it is good fun. If it ends as a complete, stand-alone novel, I’m going to write a love letter to it once I’m done.

Planning: Gaming and probably some brunches.

Writing: I’m trying to finish a few little things I started but I’m hitting road blocks. Finished a short story, which was fun.

And you?

Hay Fever Friday – Read, Plan, Write

Reading: I’m listening to The Scar on the commute. Every re-read I like it more; it might be my favorite book.

I’m reading Clark Ashton Smith’s The Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies while also perusing The Last Days of Angelkite and Night Witches.

CAS has me writing down lots of words to look up later.

Angelkite has me wanting to stab the Cray Def Un in the face.

Night Witches has me wanting to round up some elderly ladies from the local community and game.

Planning: Movie, work, game

Writing: Notes for lots of blog posts will become actual blog posts next week. Magic sword rules and gaining new skills rules for DCCRPG and Make Your Own New Crobuzon Redux.

And you?