Sons of Kryos: Take Two

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Thank you everyone for waiting patiently while we deliberated on the show’s future. Jeff, Storn and I got together for brunch this afternoon and discussed where we want the show to go.

We have decided to change format to a video show, taking the same thesis statement and basic structure but bringing it to a youtube channel. This is a new medium that is going to demand new skills while using our talents in new ways. It could be a while before we have a show that is worth putting out into the world We have never been shy about taking content and tossing it in the trash when we felt it was not worth our listeners’ time and now that our listeners are viewers, that will not change.

There is some audio content left to be posted and the archive of our podcasts will remain available.

We are asking you to be patient while we renovate the House of Kryos. We are excited about where the show is going and hope that, when you see what we have coming out, you will be too.


Secretary of Kryos

$ons of Kryo$

We received an e-mail a few months ago on our Sons of Kryos mail from a listener. He was best man in a good friend and gaming buddy’s wedding. Steve, the groom, also a Sons of Kryos listener (and game designer), wanted to get together with his buddies and game for his bachelor party. His best man, John, contacted us and offered to pay us for the Sons of Kryos to head down to Staten Island and run games for them all day on Saturday.

Storn couldn’t make it due to a ton of deadlines for his work but Jeff and I tossed some books and dice in a bag and headed down.

The other interesting wrinkle was that Steve’s brother, Joe would be there. Joe hadn’t gamed before but it was important to Steve that his brother have a good time.

We started off with PTA and Joe was quiet but contributed great stuff when he piped up. He was sitting at a table of guys who had been gaming together for decades; I could understand why he’d be a little intimidated. Hell, I certainly was.

After playing two episodes of PTA, we had some lunch, as Joe had the shindig catered before playing Dogs in the Vineyard.

John’s house should be mentioned; if our paid gaming day was a movie, the house would be an important character. The gaming group calls Joe’s house the man-cave. It is filled with dark wood and leather, big plush seats, comic books near every toilet and flat screen TV’s in the video game room along with a screen in the movie room. It is a geek’s paradise. I asked if I could move in when I saw that he had Conan comics in the bathroom. For some reason, that was the detail that pushed me over the edge.

The Dogs town was really solid; they all got really into it. Joe sat to the side a bit and elected not to play very much in the second or third games but he’s intrigued and will likely try it later with his brother and their friends.

After Dogs, Jeff picked up the late night third slot with some Cold City and despite ending really late, everyone was exhausted but still engaged and into it.

It was a good day. We recorded a segment with them after the gaming was over and it went really well.

They reminded me a whole lot of my gaming buddies in Jersey where I grew up. It seemed to be similiar dick jokes and goofing and making fun of one another as an activity. I knew I was at home when I playfully called them all a “buncha assholes,” and they applauded and welcomed me to the group.

On our way out, I asked them if I could run a day of 1st Quest by them at some point. They have really interesting points of view on gaming that I really liked.

In the end, we were a bit lucky. They tend to like the same things in gaming that Jeff and I like. The games went well, everyone was game and they didn’t take a money transaction to mean that they should sit back and wait for us to entertain them. They were proactive and aggressive gamers in the best way.

On Sunday, Jeff and I went into the City, to Jeff’s favorite camera and video equipment store and then to my favorite gluten free restaurant. We had our meal and some lemonade and toasted, “To the first meal paid for by Kryos.”

“I didn’t think this would ever happen.”

“Me neither.”


The Cull reviews the first few Sons of Kryos episodes with a tough but ultimately fair hand.

Clyde kind of winced at the review but I thought it was alright. Jeff and I started when there was a half a dozen podcasts and we did a ton of learning in public, while making shows. We jumped in with both feet, made mistakes in plain view and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

James Nostack has a thread on Story Games about Mu. Mu threads always warm the cockles of my heart.

Ithaca now has a roller derby league! I can’t make it to this week’s match but I will surely make it next time.

EDITED IN: Also, Joss Whedon’s latest. Thanks to Paula for the link. Looks alright, I’m always up for an excuse to gaze upon Eliza Dushku.

Day of Kryos

I rolled out of bed yesterday after an uneasy night’s sleep and got to Jeff’s. Julie made us eggs and bacon and sausage. It was wonderful. We recorded what we thought was one long show and then decided it was two shows but only 2/3’s done. So, tired and loopy, we recorded the other 1/3’s and now have two in the can.

In a heroic editing effort, Jeff got it up in less than 12 hours. That’s nuts. Rock on with your bad self, Jeff.

Here’s the first of the shows, with an interview with John Wick and us talking about playtesting SoK style.

I was lukewarm about Houses of the Blooded before the interview but was happy to talk to him about it because John’s always a pleasure to talk to and I knew that he was doing a ton of playtesting, fulfilling our -show about play- mandate. But after a half hour of hearing him talk about the game, I’m sold. We’re setting up a session for this Friday with some of the crew that did the Criminal Element heist last week.

Forum discussion and links from the show are here.

Hatchling Thoughts by Me

Jeff thought of having some ten minute segments about stuff that doesn’t fall into the Sons of Kryos be it art, comics, movies or wargaming. We’re putting it in the Sons of Kryos Other Recordings feed, where we stick AP and other things that don’t quite fit into the Sons of Kryos bi-weekly vibe.

Here’s my first shot at it.

And here are the links:

Fell #1 for free on Newsarama

Image Comics

Warren Elllis

Ben Templesmith

Feral City

Unknown Armies


Ed Brubaker

Sean Phillips

Criminal Element

100 Bullets

Sons of Kryos: #47 and a Hatchling

I haven’t been posting the links to the Sons of Kryos shows but here’s episode 47, with special guest, Jim DelRosso, talking about lunchtime gaming and a whole bunch of post-Gen Con thoughts.

And here’s our first go at a new mini-show in the Other Recordings Section called Hatchling Thoughts. This one is Jeff’s but I’m gearing up to record one about Githyanki, comics and such in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think of it.

The concept is that it is on our Other Recordings RSS feed and its 10 minutes on something geeky but not quite fitting in with the Actual Play vibe of the Sons of Kryos bi-weekly show.

Comments and opinions welcome.