Late Night Geek Out

Fuckin’ Flash:

28 Weeks Later: I’m late to the party on 28 Days Later. Saw it a few weeks ago and just loved it. It is also nice to see the actor who gave us Stringer Bell getting work.

I’m reading World War Z now and I’ve located objects at my workplace suitable for braining zombies, should the infected make their way to Cornell.

What? You think its wierd to find items that could brain a zombie? What would you crush a zombie skull with at your work place? Think on that.

I was looking over old Sorcerer ideas and came across Heavenly Kung Fu. I had entirely forgotten that the late, great Tetsujin 28 had contributed to enthusiastically to that thread. Man, whenever I run across an old thread with him in it, I just get this lump in my throat.