I just grab my trailers off of the Apple Trailers Site like everyone else but putting my fav’s here means I don’t have to surf around to get ’em.

And its fun to discuss them with friends.

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party: I really liked what I saw of his show’s second season.

Nacho Libre: Jack Black as a Luchadore monnk? Sold.

Illusion: Just looks compelling.

A Scanner Darkly: Maybe Keanu won’t be so annoying if he’s animated over. Maybe not. How many Phillip K. Dick movies are there now? Jeez.

Unknown White Male: Eh. I’ll catch it when it comes to Cornell Cinema…maybe…if it plays when I’m not working.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John: Why did I keep thinking of Clinton during this trailer? Not sure but I did.

Art School Confidential : It made me laugh and plus, John Malkovich.

Lonesome Jim: Eh, a go home to have a nervous breakdown movie. Is that officially a genre now?

And not one of these is half as compelling as Brick, which hits theatres on March 31st.