I was really feeling ragged last night, partly due to overdoing it on Sunday and Monday and partly due to not eating enough during the day on Monday. But today I feel fantastic and an odd side-effect, pull-ups on the little stone ledge above the doorway to our offices here feel really easy. Getting my back adjusted by Pete last night couldn’t have hurt either.

It is a nice feeling to overextend and then come back to earth feeling better than before.

3 in 2

I thought I would go to three yoga sessions, one on Sunday, another on Monday morning and another, after a day of writing on 1st Quest, on Monday afternoon. I reckoned the third session would be the easiest. No. Wrong.

Turns out the middle session felt pretty solid but the first and last sessions were ass-kickers.

And I just got back from the Swamp, a late night out.

Someone wake me up when the leaves change color.

My Yoga Beetle

For the second time, I was wrapped up in some awful posture, with my head on my knee, trying to pull on something or other and there it was, this little beetle on the floor, crawling around my yoga mat and the sweat drenched towel on top of it.

I was tempted to look up some Beverly Hills mythology to find out the deep spiritual meaning of seeing a beetle while doing Bikram Yoga.

This week is all about getting the 1st Quest ashcan ready to roll and talking to Chad about my setting notes on Seven Skies before its too late.

Ass kicked Friday

Man, yoga kicked my ass this morning. I’m not sure why but this class was the hardest one yet. I’ll go again on Monday.

Reading: I put down the viking historical fantasy novel, The Whale Road when I realized that I just didn’t give a fuck about the last thirty pages at all. Now I’m finishing up The Thief and Money Shot while flirting with the first ten pages of Childhood’s End.

Planning: Saturday night fights, Sunday picnic with the Conspiracy of Shadows Pirates who could make it and sleeping on my new futon with Janaki (but not with Zorro).

Wearing: My new Dickies jeans and black shirt but I forgot my damned belt.

Writing: I wrote about the second session of Daggers and Deviltry and tinkered with other things.

And you?

6 little things

1) Yes, I am one of those guys who writes little dorky short stories about their gaming.

2) Both Anderson Silva’s first UFC fight at 205 and Batman: Dark Knight are pulling on my eyes this weekend.

3) I missed making it to yoga by a few minutes. At six o’clock they lock the door to the studio. It was a shitty, really shitty way to start the morning.

4) A high school buddy/acquaintance contacted me via Facebook and reminded me how much of a daydreamer I was in school. He mentioned how my day dreams, playing with pencils as if they were swords and erasers as if they were space-ships really angered teachers. I had forgotten about that stuff. Funny.

5) 1st Quest is printed out and put into a nice 3-ring binder along with a red pen and my playtest notes. This shit is on now.

6) Lucha LIBRE!

Check out the move at around 2:25 in:

Days 1&2 of Bikram Yoga: Warm-up Thoughts

My weight is down to 212. I was shaving down, hovering at around 220 from other exercise two or three days a week but this thing is just shocking weight out of my body. Weight loss is not a huge goal of mine, I started the yoga because I wanted to be more flexible, its always been something I consider a weakness.

It feels good to work on a weakness, to pick something that I’ve never considered myself good at and hit it hard with a hammer.

Make no mistake, Bikram Yoga is indeed a hammer and I’m not sure if I’m digging it. There are poses that I haven’t gotten into it because the pose is just too uncomfortable, getting towards painful but even on the second day from the first, I’m edging closer towards the difficult ones.

It is a set sequence of poses, all done in an hour and a half and I have to wonder if it wouldn’t help to be able to take it easy, take our time more and just concentrate and isolate a few poses, really sharpen them rather than bang on through in a way that sometimes feels rushed.

I use the word -rushed- but man, when each pose is over, I’m damned glad it is over. I’m sweating and grunting and snorting through my nose to keep the pose for the allotted time and I only rarely succeed.

The introduction deal is 10 classes for 10 bucks and the Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes are at solid times, so I’ll give it a go for ten classes and see where I’m at, how I feel about it.

There are other issues, things that nudge at my brain that bug me about it but I’m still digesting what I like and what I don’t like about the whole shebang.

2 down, 8 to go and then I’ll make some decisions.

If nothing else, it has shown me that I can in fact wake up and work out in the morning before work.

Something about it bugs me and I’m just not clear what it is. Also, something about it really appeals to me and I’m still working out what that is.