Adults in Transition, Sorcerers with Xeno-tech Demons

From the Forge AP thread:

Bret, Christine and I are all buddies who don’t game together.  Realizing this was silly, we got together to game.  We agreed that we wanted a finite game, 3 session and then we are done and if we want to continue, we can evaluate at that point.  We are all kind of in these odd places in our lives, getting ready to move, and go to new jobs or graduate school or whatever and we all wanted to get a good game or two in before real life swept us all hither and yon.

Bret and I had a strange disjointed couple of minutes and it was interesting that he said that it was something we had gone through before, but I will leave room for him to post about it.  It boiled down to me taking his kicker in a direction that he had no anticipated.  He thought it was going to be more of a mystery that his character would have to solve and rather than that, I kind of made it something his Demon was doing through its power to Spawn.  There was some kicker-vertigo to deal with, there.

I really liked how Bret’s character dealt with the dead getting up and walking, which was to flat-out freak out.

I almost want a table to check off for when Demon’s Needs are denied and when they are fed.  There was a nice moment when Christine’s R&D exec shooed her demonic martian ravens away from her boss’ computer that I really liked.

It was a solid first game, rolled some dice, and fed some Demonic Needs, denied some Demonic Needs.

We are in second and third gears and next week I hope we start revving up to 4th.

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