The Githyanki were first introduced in the Fiend Folio for AD&D, wielding silver swords, riding red dragons and serving a dread liche queen. Their capitol city floats on the body of a dead deity in the Astral Sea.

To me, Githyanki represent the act of making things up for the fun of it.

Githyanki by Matt Ritchie

Githyanki by Matt Ritchie

Matt’s deviantART page

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4 thoughts on “Githyanki?

  1. Hey Judd,

    back in rpg stackexchange you said you would track down the old Sons of Kryos archives and make them available. Did you make any progress on this issue?

    I think there are really a ton of people (including me) who would very much appreciate getting your old episodes back.

    Seeding it on bittorrent would be an easy way to make them available without worrying about server costs.

    Cheers and thanks,

  2. Hi Judd,

    A friend pointed out your site today and your subject here synchronicitously ties into a question I’d recently been looking for more info about. On the offhand chance you’re something of a sage on various aspects of Gith-dom:

    Are there any good TSR era paperbacks featuring githzerai and githyanki characters to any significant degree? Not blurbs in game supplements, but parts of actual fiction novels?

    As I commented elsewhere, and as you allude above:
    The Gith (both -yanki and -zerai) are just such a wonderfully metal, over the top fantasy element, that I’m amazed there’s not some well known trilogy centered on them from the heyday of Planescape.

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