The High Revenge of Sagay Steel

The ven capital city’s has a few translations. One way to translate it is the Hub of All Revenge (Wick, 2008).

The death and revenge of Sagay Steele is different in the two opera, three pillow books and one commoner shadow play in which it is depicted. All we know for sure is that he declared High Revenge and his claim for revenge was ratified by his liege and the senate and that Szazs was found dead in his wardrobe and Sagay was found dead under a bridge only day into donning the Red officially, setting aside his sword for only daggers and dedicating his life to destroying his enemy. The bridge was among cherry blossoms and named after an ancient Sorcerer Queen, said to be the beautiful site of many illicit romances.

In one opera that concentrates on the Sagay’s rivalry with Count Szazs, he stabbed the former count in the heart with a dagger coated with his dead brother’s blood, just as the possessed Szazs stabbed him in the throat. Sagay staggered through the city, singing of his revenge and his success before his brother’s ghost ushered him to the river to die.

In another opera, Szazs was only a cat’s-paw for the evil spirit in his guts and it is the spirit that killed Sagay, though his brother’s ghost saved him from damnation at the hands of the evil.

Maybe the unblooded had it closest to the truth. The shadow play depicts Sagay killing the count, having used the spirit in the deposed count’s gut’s own magic against her and her vessel, dying rather than becoming her plaything. In this version of the tale, Sagay used his friend’s magic ring in order to sneak into Szazs’ wardrobe and murdering him viciously. The stage is often sprayed with pig’s blood during this scene and the most beautiful girl in the village is allowed to play the cunning Sorcerer Queen, tempting Sagay to be her willing slave. His brother’s ghost saved him in these productions and the stage is burned as Sagay denied her and that bonfire is used to roast the pig.

Either way, the twins, Lonor and Sagay show up in many other pillow books and opera, counseling those who seek revenge. The Hub of All Revenge is a haunted city.

[Delivered in a grey envelope, with a grey ribbon and seal; To Lonor’s widow]

Sister in Law,
He is Dead.


I have taken the Red and Sworn High Revenge. The Senate granted my wish.

I have No Words to comfort you in our Loss.


[Delivered in a grey envelope with a red ribbon and seal; To Meza, his wife]

My dear wife,
I am sure you know. My brother was poisoned by Szazs. I have sworn High Revenge.

The Senate has granted it. For life.

I know my life from hence may be brief–even evanescent. Yet, by my life, the issue will be resolved within months at most. One way or another.

I know all this puts you in a difficult place, and for that I apologize. I write my wishes for our demesne, my wishes for you, and my last wishes should I fail–a thing perhaps all together too likely.

First, my brother’s final words were to raise his daughter as my own. I intend to do so, and as such claim two daughters.

Second, there are some matters in the demesne that need attending to–projects I will not be able to complete–not now. I am certain my Elder cousin Durt can assist in this regard–he is a capable Chancellor. Further, however, in my chambers in the leftmost, third drawer of the desk you should find some other records of note.

Third, I think our cousin Niassa of the River Baronies, our Chamberlain, is deserving of a promotion. I say this as should I fail, I want to ensure you have as stable of a household as possible.

Fourth, your cousin Trixauna Tal of the River Baronies is nearly done outfitting the new guards, and for the safety of the household, I suggest this get your personal attention–or that of Durt.

Fifth, I commissioned a blade in from Korda of Shqeadu. The intended recipient is His Excellency, Count Kollis. If I fail, please present this gift in our mutual name.

Lastly, and most importantly, from this moment on, no one in our household is to assist me of his or her own free will [editors note: this means public people, not private people like an army, since they aren’t acknowledged as even existing]. Not you, not our roadwomen, not our guards. Proclaim this throughout the realm, with the usual penalty for violations of a Baronial edict.

See, I will not allow Szazs cause to strike at the daughters, yourself, or other innocents in The Revenge–any who help me are included in the revenge, and I will not permit such.

You have been a good partner in this world, a dear confidant and friend.

I wish you happiness and honor.


[Delivered in an envelope with a Brown ribbon and Red seal. Sagay’s “Spy Master” isn’t his spy master. This is actually his herald.]

Drial of Shqeadu,
My Spy Master,
The words my wife says are true. None are to help me until my revenge is fulfilled or I am dead. Inform our network of this.

-Lord Sagay Steele
[Delivered in a Purple Envelope with a Brown Ribbon and seal; To The Real Spy Master]

Honorable Dame Niassa Ballan of House Elk,
Our Chamberlain and Cousin,
My wife will need eight scores of roses. I would fain favor yellow, but another color is more appropriate. I leave the particulars of the choice to you.


[This message uses code phrases. Meet me in eight days. The color yellow denotes urgency and extraordinary secrecy. The last sentence indicates Niassa will choose where we will meet. She will have a specific operative publicly dress in a manner that will communicate where we will meet.]

[A green Envelope with a white ribbon and seal; To The Marquessa Ecc]
Your Grace, The Marquessa Ecc
The Lady Protector of Lacan, the Capital Mark,
First, I thank you for your counsel at the Senate, and accepting His Excellency Count Kollis as your loyal servant. I think you will find the hub stronger for this decision, suitable for an heir when you name one.

I have included here some materials I hope you can hold for me. I regret to inform you that I may not be able to finish this Opera. I hope to collect these materials when this storm passes. Yet if I am unable to do so, I hope that you might see fit to use these as you may.

Here is enough for a presentation, but it needs quite a bit of refinement to reach its true potential.

Again, I thank you for all you have done for that Art we both treasure so dearly.

Your Servant,
Sagay Steele

[Delivered with a brown envelope with a red ribbon and seal; To Kollis]
Your Excellency, Kollis Steele,
The Count of Derri’Da, The Hub of the Capitol

I thank you.

Should you require a Second–and I intend you shall not–I recommend my wife, Meza. She is in fact second cousin to Count Gryndyl. As such, she has deep knowledge of both men involved in the issue.

Your alternative is of course Bayool. Bayool would be the choice of emotion and friendship, but reason dictates you should ask it of my wife.

Your Servant,
Baron Sagay Steele

One thought on “The High Revenge of Sagay Steel

  1. Lifetime top gaming moment for a PC of mine (current).

    As Sagay said, I have No Words.

    For the audience–his last words were in a note in his dagger’s handle, telling Jeff’s (new) character to marry Sagay’s wife.

    And that is a bitchass description of the version closest to the truth (the peasant one). Very nice, with the girl and the pig and man… nice.

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