So, what you’re saying is that it isn’t Thursday?

Reading: I’m making my way through Burning Wheel Gold while flirting with a few books.  This week my reading has all been Gold and comics (more on those in another post).

Planning: Some resumes and cover letters are burning a hole in my computer and my send-rate this week has been poor.  My plan is to get caught up and prep for the coming weeks send-outs.

Writing: Another week of just fiddling with a cover letter that has been giving me trouble.  I’m going to set aside time for some fiction-writing.

And you?

6 thoughts on “So, what you’re saying is that it isn’t Thursday?

  1. Reading: Seed, an awesome post-apocalyptic book about climate change and bioengineered food problems.
    Planning: Friend’s going away party tonight. Checking out the Filipino cultural festival on the weekend. Some hardcore training on the weekend.
    Writing: L5R hack for Apocalypse World. You get a Harm wheel and a Shame wheel- because it’s all about political/social jousting until you gotta cut someone down.

  2. Reading: Just finished the very excellent Ghost Story. Now reading Star Wars: Death Star, covering the story of its construction to its demise. An interesting rather than exciting read so far.
    Planning: My eldest’s swimming lesson tomorrow morning followed by a 4th birthday party, then off to see Harry P at the flicks. Also finding the time to update the Character Burner to BW Gold (so far the Dwarves have been done) & sorting out a possible one shot of an RPG on Monday. Thinking Apocalypse World, Dungeon World or Jedi Blackbird.
    Writing: Nada, unless you count updating Lifepath stats in Java code…

  3. Reading: Just finished Alarums and Excursions #441. I can’t read the entire Gen Con loot pile all at once. Currently focusing on Stealing Cthulhu and Amaranthine, but may shift priorities tomorrow to new Bordertown book or Fiasco Companion.

    Planning: Packing and other prep tonight, with Josh. Tomorrow, bus to DC to Metro to hotel. Sunday: Friend’s son’s bar mitzvah. Hang out till our flight Way Too Early on Tuesday, with Josh telecommuting Monday. WorldCon in Reno: Books, panels, music, dancing. Fly home the following Monday.

    Writing: My Gen Con report, sans game write ups, for my zine for Alarums G Excursions #442. Annotations to Stealing Cthulhu, which I’d eventually like to scan in so Graham Walmsley and others can read them, if they wish.

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