Daydreaming about Swordlords, Sorcerers and Sword-Saints

We haven’t played our Swordlords campaign all together in a little over a month and we ended on a nasty cliff-hanger. The players are heading into diplomatic negotiations with Swordlord Grahl, who held his army back when Swordlord Zora was facing a horde of trolls and orc.

Then Zora’s mom dropped a bomb on her brother, who is going to talk to Grahl: “We have to consider the very real possibility that Swordlord Grahl doesn’t need us to save his wife’s soul because he’s already done it. We have to consider that he saved his wife by leaving Zora for dead in the battle with the orc. The Sword Saints have to be very scared of the idea that Zora could take up the dragon faith. It could be they wanted her dead and demanded that Grahl see it done by simply not showing up to the battle at the Little Sellen River.

“I can’t tell Ivo nor Zora about this theory because I am not sure what they would do with it. I am not sure how angry they might be and what their anger might bring about.

“Ivo has never cared for the Sword Saints and losing Spearpointe had a strong effect on your sister. I am sorry to burden you with this but I could not send you south without considering this. I am glad you are going; there is no one else I would rather be going to Spearpointe to talk to Grahl.”

I can’t wait.

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Cyril’s Beliefs
B1: They all think clever words can fix this, as if lords and gods settle for anything less than flesh and dreadful promises. But I will not pay that price again. I will convince Swordlord Grahl to make the sacrifice.

B2: My reputation proceeds me and it always ties me back to Brevoy. I will earn a better Reputation that stands alone.

B3. I want to believe that we have a future greater than surviving and dispensing violence. I want to bring new life to our families. I want to have more children and Magnus needs an heir. I will find him a surrogate.

I1. Never sleep alone.
I2. Always soothe the tension.
I3. Never let them see your distress.

Homesick, Worldly, Mark of Privilege, Darling of the Court, Numb

Ivo, astride his borrowed horse, aimed at Grahl
B1: I confess; in my heart I wish the traitor Swordlord crisped from my flames. But my Swordlord has placed her faith in Cyril, and I will support him. It is his skill, not mine, that will see this resolved with the greatest good garnered.

B2: I will discern Grahl’s intentions and motivations. If, however, Grahl plays the games that brought Rostland to ruin, I will remove him from our Riverlands before these games ruin all we have built.

B3: The well being of the Rostlander refugees supersedes all other concerns. For the future of all, I will do what must be done to save their lives and livelihoods — Including surrender, if I must.

I1: Never overstep my place: Zora Kucera’s rule must be obeyed.
I2: If attacked, burn them with Sorcerous Fire.
I3: Things may not be what they seem – I always look for clues and signs

Character Traits
Pragmatic outlook, Shrewd

Die Traits
Mark of Privilege, Bastard, Gifted, Thick skinned, State-maker

I’m reading beliefs and day-dreaming until the game begins.

One thought on “Daydreaming about Swordlords, Sorcerers and Sword-Saints

  1. I miss having a regular gaming group. I’ve tried to put another group together but, at best, they last a year or so. I also do not have a consistent schedule at work and that makes it hard to plan games in advance. Perhaps someday I can get another gaming group together.

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