Suddenly, out of nowhere…FRIDAY!

Reading: I am trudging through another Iain M. Banks novel, this time it is Against a Dark Background and finishing up the last bits of Diaspora before I do a pre-play re-read.

Looking forward to stepping away from the sci-fi for a while and reading a few of Parker’s Hunter novels.

Planning: Maybe some gaming tonight, hanging out with Janaki’s family and a slew of school work that is coming up fast.

Wearing: Jeans and a new button down flannel thing along with my comfy union suit that will be keeping me warm through the winter.

Writing:  Yes, I am, feels good and I am almost at that point where I can show it to someone and get feedback.


3 thoughts on “Suddenly, out of nowhere…FRIDAY!

  1. Reading: “Dumarest of Terra” – one of the original inspirations for Traveller. Dumarest is basically a space drifter, always working to buy his next ticket. Pretty standard sci-fi pulp fare, but good inspiration for Diaspora.

    Planning: Last session of a 4-part Ghost/Echo game via Skype tonight. Family stuff on Saturday. Drawing pinup models at a drawing studio Sunday night.

    Wearing: Microfibre travel clothes / office casual

    Drawing: Doing a daily drawing for “Art Every Day Month” and posting progress on my blog and Flickr to keep myself honest. This will be the second year I’ve done something like this and it’s turning into a tradition. Fun stuff.

  2. Reading: “The Prefect” by Alastair Reynolds. That makes 2 SF/fantasy-ish police procedurals in a row. Huh.

    Planning: Used car shopping.

    Wearing: Mungy old hooded sweatshirt & jeans.

    Writing: Dissertation, fellowship applications, and the like.

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