State of the Table

MoBu City: This remains catch-as-catch-can with me and Pete.

The Gray Legion: Storn is excited to run Jaws of the Six Serpents and we are running a Black Company riff, particularly the Erickson comment on the books, saying that they are “Vietnam War fiction on peyote.” That is the vibe this game is going for. I am excited to play, excited by the concept and I’m intrigued by the system.

Danger Patrol: We have one more game of Danger Patrol left and then the Friday night group is at loose ends. We aren’t sure what we will be doing. I am half-tempted to run Dresden Files or see if J.C. will run it. I am also tempted to forgo the long and difficult group dialog and just say, “I am going to bring a damned game and we’ll play it and have fun. Enough with this democratic discussion crap!”

We were going to be playing Jaws but Storn moved that game to the Tuesday slot, so we could take a break from both Bee Dubya and 13 Cities.

Sorcerer 2289: This Thursday will be the last game of our Sorcerer campaign with Christine and Bret. With Bret leaving town, I am wondering if I could wrassle up another player for a Thursday night game of something. I’ll talk about it with Christine post-Sorcerer.

And that’s my gaming table, right now. How about you? What are you playing?

7 thoughts on “State of the Table

  1. Insanely enough, I’m only playing with one group with any frequency, and then only once or twice a month! Stranger still, I find I’m ok with that pace. Must be getting old.

    We just finished Diaspora, with a great finale that tied some stuff up, and left things wide open for a sequel. We had good fun, but I think a lot of that was in spite of the system, rather than because of it.

    Next up is Apocalypse World. We’re still feeling out character ideas and discussing the system via e-mail right now. It’ll be interesting to see how the first session goes this weekend. After playing a highly capable and idealistic character in Diaspora, I think I’m going to play a complete f*ck up in Apocalypse World and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

  2. Still running Mouse Guard for my group, and planning to run more of it for some visiting friends.

    I facilitated a few games of Serial Homicide Unit that were very fun, but I’m looking for something a little more long-term as far as story goes.

    Dipped my toe into Danger Patrol, but the water temperature wasn’t right. Maybe later.

    Reading both the Doctor Who and the Dresden Files RPGs slowly. I’m more into the Doctor Who world, but the Dresden Files game seems more cutting edge.

    I’m getting that In a Wicked Age urge again too, but before that happens, Sloan the guardmouse must confront Daggerheart the Weasel and rescue the fallen village…

  3. We’re headed into our second town in Dogs; so far our Dogs have stuck together… so you can imagine our dread and anticipation.

    Kate B. and I are now actively conspiring to build a (thing) that nails what we really, really care about. We’ve broken out of atoms and made the basic social molecule that will create this next game.

  4. The Monday Savage Worlds game has kicked into high gear, with the party leaving the city on a quest to prevent the return of a forbidden god. I am pushing the campaign to a resolution by end of May-early June and hope to flip us to something else entirely.

    The Monthly Pick-Up game is most likely playing Polaris via Skype in May. I’m quite excited at this, I think the ritual phrases will be quite fun over an audio-only format.

    I’m trying to get the Canon Puncture Crew game night back on track, hoping to get us on a biweekly pace. Very hopeful I can wrassle Mick into this on a consistent basis and pick up a few regulars. I’m pitching the idea of miniseries-style gaming – play a game for a couple months, swap games and possibly GMs, play for a couple more. I’ve enjoyed this mix in the past, want to keep on going.

    Not my table, but A table… I’m planning on what to run and play in a couple upcoming local cons – RapierCon and Ancient City Con.

  5. I’m lucky enough to be playing in a 4e game my wife is running, another 4e game that I’m playing every other week or so, and some Aces and Eights.

    I’m ready for something a little different– since it’s scheduled to come in June, I’m just enjoying being a player for now.

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