Cool, crisp, mug of Friday

Reading: I just finished the second book in the Hunger Games series and want a break before I head into the third.  Picked up R.A. Salvatore’s Orc King on a whim at a friend’s house and I’m giving it a go but I’m not sold on it.  I’ll give it another fifty pages to grab me or shove me away.

Planning: Looks like I’ll get to move into my new room this weekend, which is nice and we’re playing some Apocalypse World for the first time in a while.  I have to write up their letters to jumpstart the Five Years Later timeline jump.

Writing: Cover letters and play-by-post stuff with Daniel but nothing else this week but I can feel the writing finger muscles limbering up from the regular writing routine, which is nice.

And you?

11 thoughts on “Cool, crisp, mug of Friday

  1. Reading: Seanan McGuire, One Salt Sea

    Planning: NunchCon!

    Writing: very little lately. I have been putting together wood instead of words lately: an elevated feeding station for the dogs, a tower for the cats, and a massive picnic table for the bipeds.

  2. Reading: Hunger Games
    Playing: NOTHING! And it is killing me that the AW game lives on without me, but I can’t feel all bad because the housemates gaming is a good thing.
    Writing: A whole lotta cover letters when I’m not trying to get over a cold.

  3. Reading: Finally reading the Dresden Files RPG (which I bough over a year ago) as well as The Guns of August, Barbara Tuchman’s book about the beginning of World War I

    Planning: A framework for developing a superhero RPG campaign, largely inspired by DFRPG city creation, Hardboiled Cultures and John Stavropolous’s article on creating your PC’s Joker from See Page XX a while back.

    Writing: The how-to on that campaign framework once I dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

  4. Reading: The Prestige (which is quite different from the movie, and both are equally good IMO) and Dungeon World. I just finished up the 3rd book of the Hunger Games which was my least favorite of the trilogy but I still enjoyed it.

    Planning: I’ll either be running a one-shot of Apocalypse World or Lady Blackbird tomorrow. I’m also planning on running a Dungeon World mini-series with the after-school club kids in a couple of weeks.

    Writing: Nothing. I’m procrastinating on writing a couple of reviews, including a review of Do: PotFT for GeekDad.

  5. Reading: Just finished reading the Fate edition of the Kerberos Club (much of which I’ve read either as the ORE edition or as playtest versions of the Fate edition), and am timesharing between 3rd edition Nobilis and rereading Bordertown (the second Bordertown anthology). After that reread, I grab and devour Seanan McGuire’s One Salt Sea.

    Planning: Trying to get two boxes of books to Amazon, but first cataloging them as per Amazon’s specs. Finishing character and world generation for Kerberos Club game, mailing out packages of books to folks who want them. Figuring out when to slot in laundry. Dealing with lawyers for my parents’ estates, which I really want to wrap soon.

    Writing: Origins games write ups. I need to write more of Vu to a Kill, one of the two larps we’re running at Intercon L.

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