Preparing for Moons of Leviathan

Getting ready for a game this Friday and just getting all of my notes all in one place.

The Atlantic Ducal Moons

  • Jiddah
  • Mgaar
  • Suez

The Arctic Ducal Moons

  • Baikonur
  • Zadar
  • Messina
  • Doha

The Indian Ducal Moons

  • Oakland
  • Bushehr
  • Anchorage

4 Noble Houses: Job, Triton, Rangomai, Mizuchi

Questions to consider before play:

What is your name?

What are your yachts named?

(Perhaps named for Mythical beasts, Types of Storms, Revered Ancestors?)

Map of the Ducal Moons that orbit Leviathan

Inspired by the Lawmaker from Apocalypse World: Burned Over:

This Ancestral Station has been in your family for generations, granting you the title, Marquis. One thousand souls are in your care. 50 trained knights and 100 soldiers and support staff are sworn to you. 
Choose 3
[ ] A leal and loyal knight named:
[ ] An engineering priest named:
[ ] A fine nexus-dock that brings trade.
[ ] A fine environmental system.
[ ] An engineering cathedral with an ancient reliquary.
[ ] A mercenary company, seperate from your Household Guard.
[ ] A trade agreement with a local mercantile fleet.
[ ] A hidden chamber used for swearing in your order’s knights that holds a secret.
[ ] The re-charging bay for a legendary True Sword.
[ ] Ancient scanners that miss nothing.
[ ] An oasis modelled after a paradise from Olde Earth.
[ ] Robot servants
Drink deep of the station’s plenty, choose 3: Art, Engineer-Priests, Feasts, Hospital, Intrigue, Water, Air, Pilgrimage Site, University, Ducal Attention, Music Arena, Digital Ancestors, Construction, Smart Laws, Leal Training Protocol, Spy Network, Clone Tanks 

Beware the station’s challenges, choose 2: Heretics, Decaying Orbit, Crime Syndicate, Feuding Knights, Vendetta, Debt, Dangerous Border, Heir Dispute: Father’s Clone 

Infantry Battle Experience: 1 Low Orbit Entry to Urban / 2 Station siege / 3 Lunar Siege / 4 Ship to Ship / 5 Asteroid to Asteroid / Noble House Ambush
Political Situation  / 1 Changing Hands / 2 In Dispute: War / 3 In Dispute: Legal / 4 Treaty in Process / 5 New Heir /  6 Under Siege
Environmental Data / 1 Disaster Cascade / 2 Thin Air / 3 Storms / 4 Hallucinations / 5 Cruel but Liveable / Love & Earth-like

Dozens of moons surrounding a gas giant with a satanic storm eye moving to and fro. The gas giant is called Leviathan with dozens of moons and enough asteroids in its rings that new moons are still discovered.

There are 4 major houses: Job, Triton, Rangomai and Mizuchi charged with defending the ducal moons with the finest atmospheres with a dozen more houses minor picking up the scraps. Those with noble titles and their knights can wield fighting knives. They are trained with rifle and pistol but the ammunition is controlled by the Unions – laborers, crafters, and engineers who make sure those with title don’t drag everyone into frivolous wars.

War Mechs and Battlecruisers are only unlocked if there is an outside threat.

Alien artifacts on the solid planets closer to the system’s sun.

A science-station observatory at the edge of the system; this is where aging nobles who are found to be too warlike are exiled to.

Cover Mock-up for TRAVELLER / Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future / Moons of Leviathan

I am imagining the Astrogation Temples, where you go to have your journey mapped. The mapping takes place in empty rooms with vaulted ceilings, where stone moon scultpures are put into motion on hard light holograms.

Why is it a temple? Because all journeys have religious significance. The navigators are trained in anthropological religious studies, helping humans keep in touch with their humanity while traversing the void. They might offer a parable or an argument or sit you down for a meal with a nearby family or offer guided meditation with their coordinates.

Astrogation computers are available but only used in an emergency. Computers have a rough time around Leviathan. The gas giant’s magnetic radiation wreaks havoc with any complicated computer and A.I. research is strictly forbidden because of the fell effects Leviathan’s pull has on synthetic entities of any kind.

The Ducal Moons are held by the 4 Major Houses: Job, Triton, Rangomai and Mizuchi. In the centuries since their settling, the moons have changed hands a number of times with houses Major and Minor rising and falling on a political tide.

Baikonur was the first moon settled and is held in trust by the Guilds and Temple. The Major Houses take turns guarding it, changing every 4 cycles. Baikonur, because of its special place in the orbits, was named for a spaceport on Olde Earth, rather than a nautical port.

Moons of Leviathan logo
Paul Atriedes and Duncan Idaho exchanging a knife salute. Good journey to you, Morgan.  I'm sorry that we never got to play a knife-fight in space game.

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