Preparing Mythic Bastionland

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The Axe that Killed the Gods.

Also, a fine subject divider.

Made with Midjourney and an axe-handle.

Cynegold is where you are all from.

Teagon Lake is said to have statues of the old gods who were put there in ancient times. The lake is said to be their tears. 

Is Theclef the Wise ready to retire to the Western Mountain?

What are Wigric the Just and Brictwen the Ghost-speaker feuding about?

Blacwyn the Great seems somehow lesser since his brother, Ormar, tried to seize his lands, as if the war took something from him.

Was Blacwyn wise to welcome Ormar back from the wastelands and install him back in Teagon Castle?

REFEREE’S NOTE: I wrote up some questions to flesh out the knights and seers in charge of the holdings.

Hex Map for our Mythic Bastionland game.

Icons from

News arrives in court at Cynegold:

In the shadow of the Western Mountain, in the Moresceam Mire is a huge stone archway, former temple. Stars flicker in the shadows. White ravens caw from the trees. An opening appears in the arch, dark but light at once. Then all is normal again.

In the Southern Mountain is said to be a forge carved into the rock. Blacksmiths complain about the Order’s (six knights, each a knight, a scholar, a master and a student) mistreatment of them. They plead for justice.

The shires on the Wilbec report, drunken worshippers of the Child, rejoicing that the First Sign has arrived. They mistrust any who won’t join in.

Word from the Wilbec about six monks, appeasing the river with offerings of bread. Their apparent leader is annoyingly vivacious and optimistic about their work tending to the river.

In the Old Anwig a legendary seer, beloved by her village, now trapped, inert in ironwood. Only the Fearmonger can break their binds.

A hunter has returned from a hunt in the Winterlic, brings news of the Crowned Stag, crawling poisoned. Its antlers are known to burn scaled beasts.

Since the news, knights in the Cynegold’s court are preparing to journey and hold true to their oaths.

(the symbols are shires, collections of small villages and farms)

The Axe that Killed the Gods.

Also, a fine subject divider.

Made with Midjourney and an axe-handle.

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