What else is there lately? Soccer, Gaming and Push-ups.


Last night I played what will probably be my last game with the Tompkins County Gorge Hawks. We beat a team called Deportivo Latinomix. They were the first opponents we’ve faced who managed to spread us out a bit and make us work. The score was tired 5-5 at the half but we shut ’em out in the second half and managed to stick in two goals keeping our undefeated record intact.

As I left they were discussing who to call to replace me. Shit.


Jessi’s visiting, which is always nice. She’s a good guest and a great friend.

She’s read all of the Midnight Story Hours Write-ups for the game I began running when J.J. was bed-ridden with a broken hip. Turns out she was hoping to play in that game. Who am I to deny her?

I forget that I write these things and people actually read them. It was a little shocking to hear her rifle off details of the game as if she were there.


Today I also will begin to do a push-up work-out that Pete sent me. I want to write about it here to shame myself into doing it.

Push-up Routine

To do the routine first you have to find out the maximum number of reps you can do in push-ups. After finding out your max, you will do a percentage of this number for your workout.

Week 1
Mon test your max, 30% every 60 minutes
Tue 50% every 60 minutes
Wed 60% every 45 minutes
Thu 25% every 60 minutes
Fri 45% every 30 minutes
Sat 40% every 60 minutes
Sun 20% every 90 minutes

Week 2
Mon test your max, 35% every 45 minutes
Tue 55% every 20 minutes
Wed 30% every 15 minutes
Thu 65% every 60 minutes
Fri 35% every 45 minutes
Sat 45% every 60 minutes
Sun 25% every 120 minutes

Week 3
Test max

The routine is over, you can do it for two weeks, then do
something else for another two weeks, then you can do the pushup program again.

Never go near failure except when testing your max.
Vary reps, sets, rest periods daily.
Taper down before a peak.

Do the routine when you get up in the morning and your last set of push-ups should be done one hour before your bedtime.

So, excuse me, I’m off to figure out what my max is.

2 thoughts on “What else is there lately? Soccer, Gaming and Push-ups.

  1. Push-ups. Eeek, I don’t know if I can even do one of those right now. And to think less than a year ago I could do 15 one hand push-ups with each arm. GOD I GOTTA GET BACK TO THE GYM.

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