Up Late

It feels like I have only used this thing to post up links to Burning Wheel AP threads or my Friday morning Reading-Wearing-Planning-Writing posts.

I’m working late nights this week due to a co-worker having a family emergency. I feel a bit as if I am from another planet, a little third person, outside – looking in. Really, I have felt that way since my dad’s heart-attack at the end of the summer. He’s fine but I’m still getting over the shock at my father being mortal.

The work-outs in the mornings and afternoons have been very grounding, so, that’s good. It is an odd thing when the best part of your day is lifting something heavy above your head.

It looks like me and Pete are going to finally get to MoBu City after weeks of schedule misses botched up our gaming attempts.

Still feels like I am playing catch-up with school, the big stuff is getting done but the little stuff still needs doing. I hope to have that cleared up this week.

How’re you folks doing out there?

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