Snow Bright Friday

Reading: I am re-reading the Mouse Guard RPG and trying to figure out where I put The Player of Games down.  I have a feeling it is in my car, a black hole in my organizational life.

Planning: This weekend is my first in a long time when I have no schoolwork do and no plans that involve traveling.  Playing MG on Saturday after work and other than that, not much.  I will get some cleaning done so that my house isn’t a disaster for the holidays.  My room and the kitchen are in my sights.

Wearing: Flannel shirt and a pair of jeans over my comfy union suit.

Writing: Trying to figure out the holes in a short story and when that stalls, writing parts of something much bigger.

And you?

12 thoughts on “Snow Bright Friday

  1. Reading: Between books. Wah! I think I might track down that fantasy novel by Morgan. Surely Judd approves.

    Planning: In-laws arrive tonight, to spend the weekend with us. Int’l Double Dutch tournament in Harlem.

    Writing: game content and co-op application stuff.

    Digesting: tacos and some really good chocolate.

  2. Reading: a deliciously bad Stephen Hunter novel. At the rate I’m burning through this I’ll be on to my latest Christopher Moore novel this weekend.

    Planning: a major geek-together with gamers from my distant past coming out of the woodwork. Possibly including the guy I first gamed with in 1977 or so.

    Wearing: a Threadless shirt and chinos.

    Writing: not sure what’s getting written this weekend. Probably a ton of body text for Soft Horizon.

  3. Reading: Just finished the first trade paperback from the “Lucifer” DC series. The art is a bit uneven, but the stories have the same cool vibe the Sandman series did. Good stuff.

    Planning: Mad rush to finish up a bunch of crafts projects for Christmas, and not much else.

    Wearing: Office/travel clothes, same as always.

    Creating: Hand-bound books for Christmas gifts.

  4. Weirdly, I’m re-reading Mouse Guard too. After running 4 games of it, I’m just starting to wrap my head around how Obstacles need to be wrapped in a Situation that’s based on the characters’ Beliefs, Instincts and Goals.

  5. Reading: Just finished “Ask The Parrot”, the second-to-last of “Richard Stark’s” Parker novels (unless Mr. Westlake left a manuscript or two unfinished…). Next up is Jonah Lehrer’s “Proust Was A Neuroscientist”, which I’ve heard good things about…

    Planning: A relaxing weekend, for a change. It’s party season ’round these parts.

    Wearing: Dark green buttondown shirt and jeans. And warm boots.

    Writing: Not much, at the moment. Waiting for things to settle.

  6. Fought off the flu after quarentining ourselves for about 5 days. Bleah.

    Reading: Finished Eclipse 2. Started The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume Three, which means I finished reading Ted Chiang’s “Exhalations” for the third time, and really should stop pretending I’m not crying at the end of it. I’ve read the first two scenarios in Arkham Detective Tales and am annoyed at missing stat blocks and, I gather, a page or so of text. Finished the first scenario in the CoC monograph Shadows of War, which is harrowing, and I don’t mean the mythos part. Finished comic The Unwritten #8, which is my sort of thing.

    Planning: Job hunting. Schelping to the Boston area for a Victorian era dance this weekend, presuming Josh is up for it. He’s been looking forward to it for some time and is making the arrangements for travel, crash space, and so on. Finishing my zine for Alarums and Excursions.

    Wearing: T-shirt diagramming the varieties of Zarquonism, 2-icicle rated thermals, tan pants, socks. Will be wearing a lot more when I venture outside.

    Writing: My zine, game posts. Should do blog posts and some reviews (one novel, one short story collection, several rpg products).

  7. Reading: Accelerando by Charles Stross. Just finished Hellstrom’s Hive by Frank Herbert.

    Planning: Picking up the new Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space game from my flgs after work today. May run that instead of Mouseguard on Sunday for the family. Clean up house for the holidays. Turn the Wreck Room back into a rec room.

    Wearing: Green plaid short-sleeve oxford and dark blue jeans.

    Writing: Need to get back to the sci-fi screenplay.

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