The Last Watchdog

I’ve been looking over this idea and thinking it is a solo campaign concept that is in dire need of some play.

A solo campaign in a wild west that never was and has moved on, starting off in a ghost-town called Bridal Falls, winding through what is left of the Desert Territory and ending Back East.

Taught by the Ghosts elders, prophets and former dogs in the empty streets of Bridal Falls.

Walking through the wastelands of the Desert Territory dispensing justice.

Ending your journey Back East, among cabals of warlock rail barons and high society witches.

If your charater dies along the way, you choose a relationship you have as your next character to pick up your jacket, pistols, horse and sanctified earth and continue the journey.

I don’t really have any spots to time to spare and 2+ games a week is my upper-upper limit, without a doubt.  If something opens up, though, I’ll give it a go.

6 thoughts on “The Last Watchdog

  1. Wow, very cool. Using DitV for a system or something else? There is something very mythic in this type of setting.

    I once tried to imagine an old west in an Americ. That was founded by the Vikings. I was picturing a weather-beaten preacher with long duster, rune carved six shooters quoting from his worn and well used copy of the Elder Edda while calling down the fury of Odin.

  2. I totally dig agony’s comment about the father-son dynamic from The Road. I’ve not read the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and it seems like the Dead West-style game you’d run would work well under the post-apocalypse framework. Especially if the kid weren’t a second player, but a trait, or a relationship that had to be managed. Maybe, if once the father died, the son would have to pick up his coat and his gun, and finish the journey alone?

    That would be a lot of fun.


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