“Let’s kill a god.”

From this Burning Wheel thread:

From the Inventory Lists of the Lyceum:

The Lyceum loaned 3 license-holders 1 bullet, 1 bullet-disc and a pole-axe head in the style preferred by the Grey Knights of Logos made of our Republic’s finest metal.

A few hours after midnight, every hearth-fire, torch, candle and lantern on the continent of Occulum and the kingdom of the 13 Cities went out and could not be re-lit for several hours. The Dragon of Gaham no longer exists.

One of the trio survived and reported the sacrifices made.

None of the weapons have made their way back into Lyceum hands, most likely due to the magical nature of the keep where the license was acted upon.

Long live the Republic of Occulum and the Occularae whose will and sacrifice keep it alive during our occupation by the blind and their foreign gods.

<!– –>


Two players died. A god was slain. Part of me wanted to hold on with both hands, start a new game where Nikolas trains some raw recruits to become god-killers, ask Storn and Aaron to make up a few 3 lifepath characters but I dunno…they killed a freaking god.

And for the first time in over a year, I will not be playing a Burning Wheel game set in the 13 Cities. We began talking about our next game and I was kinda sad. I wanted to just mourn this game a bit. The setting has really seeped into my bones. I am going to miss this place that we made, here.

I should have had some cool-down scenes, seeing Nikolas go north and tell the family of Marcus that his son died doing great deeds. We should have seen his name etched into the Hall of Remembrance for the Grey Knights, the Order of Logos.

I loved the game but most of all, I am kinda sad. I wanted to take more time saying good-bye to the 13 Cities. I guess its a good sign when a campaign comes to an end and the biggest feeling is that you just do not want that end to be here.

“Cant say Ive ever been too fond of beginnings, myself. Messy little things. Give me a good ending anytime. You know where you are with an ending.” – Neil Gaiman

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2 thoughts on ““Let’s kill a god.”

  1. It must have been sad to see that campaign end, I’ve had a few end like that and it is always bitter sweet. That said, it sounded like an enjoyable campaign with a lot of depth, both from the GM and the effort put in by the players.

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