The Fall of Waterdeep

From this post on the BW Forum:

Part of the fun of playing spiders is naming things. Waterdeep becomes the Great Stone Web or Great Stone Nest. The Sword Coast becomes the Sharp Mineral Coast. Humans are meat. Hobbits are little meat. Lloth is the Matron’s bastard daughter.

The character names change based on what they have achieved. Wolf Hunter to Wizard Hunter to Conquering Wizard Hunter to Handmaiden Dragon’s Heart-eater, Castle-Breaker became Stone Web Breaker and Male’s Terror became Tunnel Maiden for her role in leading the efforts to destroy Waterdeep from its expansive sewer system.

Next time on Githyanki Diaspora, burning Lloth, Broodling -> Wall-Crawler -> Lurker -> Hunter-Seeker -> Handmaiden -> Renegade Handmaiden -> Queen of the Demonweb Pits.

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