When I woke up Friday was over.

Reading: Reading The Hunter by Richard Stark in between school stuff. It is hard stuff with a totally unlikeable anti-hero. The prose is really nice and minimal, a fast read, like a gut-punch is a fast act. I’m digging it. It is a solid inspiration for Rifkin’s MoBu City though Rifkin is likeable and respects women. I will likely loan it to Pete once I am done.

Planning: Last night my lady-friend and I went to see Ani DiFranco in concert. It was an awesome show. The rest of the weekend will be about a paper due on Sunday.

Wearing: Jeans and a flannel shirt. Rockin’ it like its 1992.

Writing: Tinkering with an old short story that seems to want to grow up and be a novella some day. Also a jargon blog post for next week called GM Guilt Syndrome.

And you?

One thought on “When I woke up Friday was over.

  1. Reading: Alarums & Excursions #410

    Planning: Two friends’ Fraggle Rock Birthdays Party tomorrow.

    Wearing: Worldream T-shift, blue jeans, sneakers

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions #411 and moves for the pbem I’m running.

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