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Alex has some questions on his blog. Here we go.

The link under the Sigil 6 title image above is a kind of index of posts about this game if you want to know more.

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How many sessions have you been playing, more or less?

I’ve written about 41 sessions. I bet I missed about 3 but let’s just call it 41+ for the sake of argument.

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How long have you been running this campaign?

The earliest blog post is from February 5, 2021, so, a bit more than a year.

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Have you had long breaks? If so, how did you pick it up again?

We’ve missed a week or 3 here and there because of holidays or family emergency.

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How many people are at the table when you play?

Me and 6 friends over Zoom.

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How many characters are in the party when you play?

That is a great question. The team, The Sigil 6, definitely adopts folks. A ranger, who was their guide through the jungles of Chult and taught them how to fly pterodactyls is seen as part of the family. The wizard has taken on an apprentice recently. The posse can be anywhere from 6 to 10 or so at times when NPC’s join up. In Barovia they had a whole other team, affectionately called the B-Team.

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How many players have you had in total over that time period, not counting guest appearances?

Just the core 6 and me.

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Have you had guest appearances? How did it go? Did you gain regular players that way?

We haven’t done that yet. I think we’d be more likely to do that if it was going on in person.

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What have the character levels been over time?

We started at level 1 and now all of the characters are level 10. The Bingo XP Variant is a nice pacing mechanism (on top of a few other things).

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What classes did the players pick? Did you add new classes over time?

We’ve got a Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger/Cleric, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard.

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Tell me about some adventures you ran over that time that I might enjoy hearing about?

Here are some unanswered questions about them:

Is Bugwump who he thinks he is or is he a clone of the arch-mage he remembers being?

Will Failed Soldier, the Corpseflea learn about the origins of his people in the Radiant Citadel? Will Helewynn gain a reputation even more famous than Slayer of Strahd?

Will Jusko Hajek reconcile with his family or be forced to destroy them?

Whatever happened to Trundle’s mountain home that was at war with demons?

Will Kuru retire to raise goats or will his impulsiveness get him killed?

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Have the rule changes over that time? Do you maintain a house-rules document?

I definitely propose house-rules and we all agree on them. We should make a house-rules doc; that would help keep track of things.

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Has the setting changed over time?¹

I think their understanding of the setting has deepened and that has changed the meaning of certain things – if that makes sense. They are certainly well known now.

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How much in-game distance did the party cover, how big is the area they have visited?

It is a planar-game, very much inspired by my memories of the Planescape boxed set, set in Sigil, so wide areas are covered through gates and such.

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Have you used proprietary setting books? Like, could you publish your campaign or would you be in trouble if you did?

It is pretty heavily steeped in D&D intellectual property. It would take some heavy filing of serial numbers to make it publishable

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¹ Have you added cultures or regions after years of play because you read a good book? Have your players toppled governments, resettled people, or made other large scale changes to the setting – without that being the end of the campaign?

I’m sure lots of tidibits from my own reading or conversations with people in my life drip in. I definitely added a War Corvid after reading Black-Tongued Thief and some drug sales in Gloomwrought were clearly influenced by The Wire.

War Corvid

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