Hirelings 2: The Creepy Lot

Hirelings 2: The Creepy Lot

“I don’t trust them, though. They court danger. And they’re quite unscrupulous graverobbers for the most part. Anything for gold and experience.”

Perdido Street Station, China Miéville

More folk for your Treasure-hunters, Barrow-delvers and Tomb-thieves to hire when they need more hands on deck. In case this first lot wasn’t enough.

I’ll likely compile these into a zine. If so, there will be a running commentary from Chatwyn and Sprunt on each hireling.

Gaf the Grab

	Graf the Blade was a debt collector in Ambaret. When he is drunk, he will tell those who will listen of his days hunting those with debts everywhere from the Rose District to the Salt District until he cries from guilt and begs the listener for forgiveness.
	Graf will always suggest that his comrades venture to one more destination to grab just a little more treasure. None know who holds Graf's debt that pressures him to take on work as a Hireling but he fears them more than any beast in the Old Kalduhr. 

	Old Rusted War Cutlass

Burden: 2
     Depending on who you ask, they could be a young Fae-born who found an ancient mask and is acting in a tradition linking back to the Kalduhri Empire's fall or an ancient power ready to rise again. the Gudfeljou has been called a charm against the forest's hunger and has been accused of being the forest's own agent. Is the he a recent immigrant to Fort Durhin or is she an ancient creature who watched with hate in their eyes as the governor arrived with half a dozen kingsguard and a few dozen indentured servants?  
	They smell of autumn - apples, sweat and burning leaves. When they do choose to speak, the Gudfeljou's hands move along with the words like deft puppets acting out a fable.

					RITUAL: Summon
					RITUAL: Bolt
						Heirloom Compass 														Skinning Knife	
						Burden: 2
	The Herd is a masked beast-cult that offers its members for hire to Treasure-Hunters venturing into the forest. Their  uncanny masks depict herd animals, sometimes domesticated beasts and they never willingly take them off in view of others. While a cheap hire, they are half a step away from becoming a Beast of some kind, frolicking into the Kalduhr's fell embrace.
	Their skills are often a mix of their pre-cult backgrounds and a trait taken in from their mask (or do they choose masks because they already had those traits?). They revere Beast-bitten and will listen to them before anyone else who isn't in the cult's hierarchy.
	Herdsfolk are hired in groups of 3 and answer to whatever the Treasure-Hunters choose to call them.
Choose or roll 2 Skills
	Mask (counts as armor)
	Farm Implement of some kind

Burden: 1

	The Durhin Dozen left Ft. Durhin as Treasure-Hunter legends, heading to Ambaret to delve sites that they had learned were untouched beneath the city. The city's opulence was too much for them. Under intense social pressure the famous adventuring posse splintered in a series of infamous brawls and feuds.
	Terhain was born in Ft. Durhin to a family of laborers and has returned to her home in the wake of the Dozen's breaking. She is covered in Kalduhri artifacts and full of swagger. Rumors say that she is close to being able to retire and wants to engage in a handful of delves as a well paid Hireling so that she can found her own borderlands village with her extensive family behind high walls.
				Kalduhri Shield Generator (armor)
				Serpent Folk Psi-Crown (weapon)

Burden: 3

And more Hirelings are wandering the streets of Fort Durhin, looking for coin…

Great stuff, Gregory!

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