When faced with a bad review.

Graciously thank the reviewer for taking the time to read and review your work.

Thank you, Malcolm.

Dictionary of Mu marked the final degeneration from “trend” to “affectation” and finally, “masturbation.” By and large, strangeness for strangeness’ sake (mixed with pulp pastiche as part of a male-nerd thing) is getting monotonous. “It has a noble title as long as your arm! Mighty thews. Steam power. Spider vaginas!” Yeah, just shut up.

EDIT: Spider vaginas? There are no spider vaginas. Witch-kingly cock…YES. Arachnida cake? No.

Quote added to the IPR site? Why, yes, it is.

EDIT II: Discussion is closed. Good night, internet.


The Cull reviews the first few Sons of Kryos episodes with a tough but ultimately fair hand.

Clyde kind of winced at the review but I thought it was alright. Jeff and I started when there was a half a dozen podcasts and we did a ton of learning in public, while making shows. We jumped in with both feet, made mistakes in plain view and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

James Nostack has a thread on Story Games about Mu. Mu threads always warm the cockles of my heart.

Ithaca now has a roller derby league! I can’t make it to this week’s match but I will surely make it next time.

EDITED IN: Also, Joss Whedon’s latest. Thanks to Paula for the link. Looks alright, I’m always up for an excuse to gaze upon Eliza Dushku.